Live AV duo.  Berlin, Germany.

    Lichtronik is a live electronic AV female duo based out of Berlin. Lichtronik was formed in Decemeber 2016 and comprised of visualist Zoey Vero & sound artist/producer Loryn. Their performance is experimental electronica with techno roots alongside ethereal and textural visuals. Lichtronik communicates through a systematic series of layered, computerized beats, ringing synth tones, and bionic intonations to produce emotionally resonant electronica that is polished and balanced. The duo explores various themes and concepts including technology, gender and identity of humans as a journey into a digital beings.


    They released their first EP in October 2017.


    Loryn has made her mark on both the electronic music culture and industry by being nonconforming, experimental, and innovative. With over 15 years of experience, Loryn has performed at some of the most prestigious festivals and premier events to date and continues to define trends in music, rather than follow them.


    Zoey Vero is a visual and installation artist from San Francisco who focuses her creative practices on exploring structures and systems, chaotic behaviors, glitches, sexuality and gender. She is now based out of Berlin, where she is creating custom visuals and projection mappings.